Mantras That Inspire Me

Sagittarius are notorious for acting like everything is totally cool, like we have the world completely figured out while deep down we can be freaking out. Showing weakness, especially in front of others, is a bit difficult for me. I like to keep my issues to myself and work on them, maybe only sharing them to someone I’m very close with to ask for advice. It’s something I’m working on but being vulnerable is difficult still.

On some days when my emotions are a bit more stirred up I like to read a few quotes or sayings that bolster me for the day. Quotes can be very inspiring (or boring if they become too long) and there are a lot of ways to find them on the internet today. Honestly I love when friends post them on their Instagram because I always start my day searching my feed. Another great place to search for them I’ve discovered is on Pinterest!

My home screen on my phone is a photo of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (yes, I always use his full name) and this quote:

I like to keep it as inspiration to always work my hardest, give my best effort and that there is never an end point for a goal because it should always be growing. Like The Rock always says ‘blood, sweat and respect. First two you give, last one you earn.”

Side note: I also have a major crush on him. I follow him religiously on Instagram and pour over every one of his posts. He’s such an amazing individual with how hard he works and how inspirational he is but let’s admit, he’s fucking sexy too!

This quote floats around in my head at different times, another version of this quote I always talk about is that “their actions towards you are a reflection on them, how you react is a reflection on you.” I’ve had a lot of major changes happen in my personal life lately and reminding myself that how someone treats me isn’t a reflection of my own personality, it’s a reflection of theirs and to stop taking things too personally. It’s been a really freeing, albeit difficult, lesson to learn. Whenever a situation occurs where I want to just lash out or cry, I take a deep breath and remember that their actions reflect them, not me (and therefore that person(s) can suck it!)

This is a little mantra I like to remind myself when the haters start coming for me. I best be doing my job right if someone is offended by my success. My hustle reflects my desires and goals and if I’m working on them hard enough I want someone to take notice. Go offend the shit out of someone with how badly you want to reach your goals. This quote just emboldens and empowers me.

Side Note: If you really want to feel empowered, I highly recommend listening to Demi Lovato’s ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ because that is one badass song! I rock out to it on the daily to bolster my confidence.

Please share your favorite quotes with me in the comment section! I’m always looking for a new mantra to bolster myself when I’m feeling down.

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