Favorite 4 Beauty Products

Everyone has there favorite beauty products, and the reasons why are always what interest me. I have a secret that I need to share, I work at Lush Cosmetics. I’ve been at my store for almost four years and I honestly cannot think of anywhere else I’d want to be. Lush Cosmetics has taught me so much about the world, about beauty products and has changed my life completely. I could write a whole post about the company honestly but I’m going to get back to the topic at hand, my favorite beauty products, and why.

Fav Facial Cleanser:

Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub, Lush Cosmetics, $37.95 for 8.8 oz.

I get asked a lot when I’m working what my favorite bath bomb is or what my favorite product is, those are really hard questions for me to answer because it can change so frequently. BUT if you ask what my most USED product is, hands down, Ocean Salt. I live off of this, my skin craves this because the sea salt buffs it to perfection, that lime infused vodka cuts all the oils and I am given the most radiant skin I have ever had. Do I still break out? Fuck yeah, I think that’s just a given for me at times. Do I break out less? Totally. Do I have customers asking me what I use to get such glowing skin? Oh yeah baby!


Fav Hair Product:

Pravana Nevo Color Enhancer Treatment in Radiant Red, Pravana through Amazon, $13.25 for 5 oz.

I recently became a stunning redhead and if you’ve ever dyed your hair you know it takes a lot of upkeep for colors. This product was recommended to me by my hair stylist and she was so right. It’ll be three months since I turned red and this product has kept the color strong and vibrant so much longer than anything else. This enhancer is like a deep conditioner with a dab of dye mixed in. Honestly, I love it just for how soft it makes my hair and how it helps to detangle it as well. My hair has been through the ringer a million times in the past year because I started bleaching it for a balayage look before going red, and for my shade of red they had to bleach it more so the color would be vibrant like I wanted. Unfortunately that means my hair got pretty fried and sometimes looks like the tail end of a witch’s broom if left unattended. This Pravana treatment softens and hydrates my hair to societal acceptation.

Fav Makeup:

Naked Palette smoky, Urband Decay, $54

I am an addicted novice when it comes to makeup. I want to be able to do all the crazy beautiful cat eyes and contours that are blasting through the internet, but I haven’t reached that level yet. A few friends of mine are makeup artists and have helped teach me little tricks whenever I’m curious. They actually encouraged me to get this eye palette because of all the neutrals and sparkles so I’d have a range of shades to choose from (plus they were running a sale for 50% off on it!). When I saw it, I couldn’t resist. I use this almost every day, it is the first thing I grab when I want to make my eyes pop and I look sooooooooooo good. This palette is easy to play with to create inspiring looks, yet easy enough to just add a bit of sparkle to an everyday work look. This was so worth it that I gave away almost every other eye shadow palette I owned to my cousin.

Fav Scent:

Rose Jam Body Spray, Lush Cosmetics, $39.95 for 6.7 fl oz.

This is a brand new obsession because it literally hit my store’s shelf this past Monday. If you’ve ever been into a Lush store you know how popular the scent ‘Rose Jam’ is. Most customers know it as a holiday exclusive shower gel that sells out QUICKLY, but the scent has slowly spanned through other areas of the store. Well they did it again! This body spray brings out that decadent, delicious rose scent in an all day wear. I’ve never purchased any other rose jam scented product until this week, with this body spray. Bellissimo!

Bonus! Yog Nog Perfume, Lush Kitchen through Lush Cosmetics UK

This was actually a part of a trade I did with a coworker of mine who had picked it up off what was the Lush Kitchen, a special endeavor apart of the Lush Cosmetics UK site (they’re redesigning the concept currently). She ended up not falling in love with it as much as she thought and had let it be known if any of us had any other perfumes she’d be willing to trade. I’ll be honest, I had a few coveted items that I never thought I’d trade, but I told her if we could both try them out first and then decide I might go through with it. Well, this perfume smells like you are roasting marshmallows over a fire at Girl Scout camp (which I’ve only done a handful of times in my childhood). Every time I wear this to work someone asks if we all smell burnt marshmallows (in a good way!) and I get to always share that I’m wearing my Yog Nog!

Okay so I shared mine, now you show me yours! What is your one must have, or most used, beauty product in your routine? I’m always looking to expand my horizons so I may just have to try yours!

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