Sweater Weather Nails

I hate to admit it but I’m not a huge winter weather lover here. I know I live in Pittsburgh, probably the capital for crazy strange weather patterns, and I grew up in a snow belt where I was very much used to snow every year. Then I went to Texas for a year and my blood actually warmed up and hasn’t frozen over since, also I moved to Pittsburgh where (have to admit) majority of us don’t know how to handle rain, let alone snow. I know this sounds ridiculous but the majority of the occupants don’t, and unfortunately I’ve become scared enough of those people that I get worried once snow (and especially ice) season begins.

But the colder it gets the more fun, seasonal sweaters come out, so I’ll take that. I’ll be honest, I don’t own one of those classic Christmas sweaters with the reindeer on it (too many childhood flashbacks of itchy sweaters!) but today I added something to take its place… sweater inspired nails!

In journalism we pretty much call what I just did there burying the lead, sorry if I just confused the fuck out of you haha. I really enjoy pampering myself by getting my nails done but it’s been awhile since I’ve found a place I actually felt comfortable in and had a good time. My hair stylists (and friends) have forever gone to this place called The Gloss Society that does incredible work, but I’ve never had a chance to book with them because they’re always booked solid. Well I finally made it!

I scoured Pinterest for some cool Fall-esque nails and found a couple photos to bring in. Here when I was signing in for my appointment I find out my nail artist was one of the experts there, I was so geeked! With that information I pretty much showed her the photo inspirations and said I trusted her completely. She did not disappoint!

This experience was like no other nail appointment I’ve ever experienced. The atmosphere was super fun and inclusive and I couldn’t stop laughing honestly. I would certainly come back just for that, but my nails… oh my god, my NAILS! Well take a look at these beauties:

Are you a salon goer or do you prefer painting your own nails? If you could have anything painted on your nails, what would they look like?

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