Red Bombshell Hair

One of the few things I really treat myself to is getting my hair done by a professional. I’ve gone through the years of not cutting it & coloring it at all (college years = no time  & money) and the attempts to color it myself (or have a more talented friend dye it) but I’ve fallen in love with my friend’s salon now. Her daughter and her opened up a little over a year ago in the Pittsburgh area and I’m so glad they did. They’re both incredibly talented with all types of hair colors (natural and fantasy), their salon is cozy and chic, and they make you feel SO comfortable.

That’s a huge part of going to a salon for me, the atmosphere, the experience. If I’m not having fun, if you aren’t talking to me and engaging in some way and show that you care about me, then why am I there? I’ve salon hopped a lot since I moved to Pittsburgh for college and rarely have gone to the same place twice. I tried two high end salons downtown which were nice, but so over priced and over stylized it wasn’t worth it. I did the trendy, instagram heavy salon that does amazing work – but they didn’t engage me at all, didn’t listen to what I wanted and didn’t really show their creativity to me. When Vibe Beauty Lounge opened it was an instant match.

I’ve been going there for almost a year already and the last two times switched things up and went RED. Yes, I am a red bombshell now. Today we took it a little darker for winter and I cannot tell you how excited and in love with it I am. They are incredible there!

I’ll be honest, it’s not super cheep, but it’s worth it and better priced than a lot of other salons with less talent. Also, my hair is super long and thick as you can see and I’m in there for about five hours but I don’t feel bored or anything. They have drinks and Netflix and the conversation is always flowing. This makes the perfect day off for me and I always leave excited and ecstatic!

What is your favorite hair color or style? What makes you relax on a day off?

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