Berry Baked Brie

For Thanksgiving this year I wanted to attempt something different that I’ve never made before and something that I’ve never seen on my family’s table before. So after many Pinterest searches and swipes I found something with my Uncle that looked delicious and seemed easy enough for me to try.

I’ve tasted baked brie before at a friend’s dinner party and was wowed at how creamy it was. This recipe I found paired the brie with berries, one of my favorite types of fruits, and wrapped in crescent rolls.

This was super easy to make, all I did was open a can of crescent rolls, seal the seems together, cut the brie in half, top one half with berries, cover with other half of brie, wrap in dough and bake!

If you need more information than that to recreate then I recommend checking out the recipe I found at Taste & Tell!

This was a huge hit at Thanksgiving with the majority of it being devoured before we even sat down for the meal. Everyone loved the tartness of the berries with the creaminess of the brie. We even started tossing around ideas of making it with cranberries for Christmas. I cannot wait to try and wow my family again.

What did you bring for Thanksgiving? Do you have a favorite dish for holidays?

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