Special Symbols To Me: The Hamsa

I cannot specifically remember when this symbol first attracted me, I want to say around the time I took my first trip to Seattle which was about three years ago. I’ve always been interested in other cultures and spiritualities and symbolism. It was something to read and explore that kept my attention.

The Hamsa to me symbolizes protection, the way I’ve learned about it is that it protects against the Evil Eye (evil spirits). That can mean almost anything to numerous people. Normally ‘evil spirits’ translates to bad feelings or bad vibes I get from situations and people. Sometimes when I don’t feel confident enough I wear one of my hamsas to protect myself. I’m sure you’ve had that day you just knew something wasn’t right and wished something/someone would look out for you? Those are the days I tend to wear my hamsa.

I have several of them in jewelry form: two necklaces and a brand new bracelet. The bracelet is actually a recent purchase, and my first, from Alex & Ani. I’ll tell you that I went in there for a Christmas present for a cousin and ended up finding this piece as well. It was interesting to read what the company called it and how they described what the symbol meant. I’m always curious to know if people actually understand the symbols they wear on clothes or jewelry (and am disappointed when the majority of them have no clue what it is).

The hamsa goes by several names, including The Hand of Fatima. If you’re interested in learning more Wikipedia gives a brief overview.

I have a couple other symbols that I’ll switch between or look for when I’m in a certain mood, but that’s another blog post for another day. What symbols attract you and why?

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