My Nail Obsession

I posted my nails here once before when I started getting them done. It has turned into the one thing that I do to pamper myself lately and make me feel good. It is also incredibly fun since my nail artist is literally that, an artist! She is incredible and we’ve tried several looks since the first time.

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should!) you’ve probably seen pictures of my manicures because I’m obsessed (as the title states) and I post them all the time. One manicure we tried out a chrome/mixed media look and it turned out so rad! The only bad thing was the fact the chrome powder she used didn’t bond very well with my nails and ended up pulling up off the base polish several days later.

I fell in love with sparkles with another manicure that used different colors as well as a full sparkly nail. That one might be one of my favorites, unfortunately I chose beige polish for one color and, with the maintenance of red hair, tinted them a tad.

This last one is my small salute to Valentine’s Day because my next appointment isn’t until the 15th, haha. I love how black looks (and it matches my soul), and just the hint of hot pink sparkles gives it that romantic edge.

Not really sure what I’m going to do next, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for wonderful manis to bring in as inspiration. There are some seriously talented nail artists out there!

*All photos are from my Instagram account using my old iPhone 6.

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