What I’m Listening To: Finesse (Remix) by Bruno Mars

Most of you have probably already listened to the newest Bruno Mars hit single, Finesse (Remix), and I am just as obsessed as the rest of the population. I’ll be honest, when it first launched I thought he was singing other words till I really listened (and finally it made sense).

I think my favorite thing about it, which seems to be a popular POV, is the 90s vibe he gives in the song and the video. Ask any of my coworkers, I LOVE 90s era hip hop and r&b like TLC, Aaliyah and classic Usher (major crush on this man!). We have a 90s playlist at work and I’m normally the one jamming out to it!

Bruno brings this style back in his video with Cardi B with their fashion sense, and I feel even the video style. It’s also just another great hit that Bruno created about his baby (as he refers to them in the song) how he loves to take them out and show them off while the whole world watches. Take it as you like, but I dig it!

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