Show Review: The Alienist

One of my new shows I’m following now is The Alienist from TNT. It just launched January 22nd (a special premiere after the SAG Awards on the 21st) and is based off the book by Caleb Carr, set in 1896 New York City. The show follows Dr. Laszlo Kreisler, the alienist or what we call a psychologist, as he investigates and tracks down a serial killer murdering boy prostitutes in the city.

Every Monday evening at 9pm the newest episode premieres and I’m hooked. I love historical based storylines, something set years ago in another time that I’m not familiar with. I also love that this show has a main female character, played by Dakota Fanning, as the first woman to work in the New York City’s police department. Even in just the first two episodes I’ve seen her struggle in the work place to be taken serious and the abuse she puts up with. But she’s so independent and strong and determined to make a name for herself. She’s a character to keep an eye out on!

TNT is dedicated to bringing 1896 New York alive on the screen and shine a light on psychology as it was seen back then. There is a particular scene where they walk through a mental institution that is almost frightful with patients screaming in the hallways to guards tossing water onto frantic patients to shut them up. I know very little in this realm but I know that mental institutions were very much like this at the beginning; just a place to throw someone who didn’t think the same way as others away from society.

I hope you tune in and share your thoughts below!

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