In my Makeup Bag: Epic Mascara

I am a full fledged makeup junkie, I have been most of my life. Once I was old enough in my parents’ eyes to wear makeup I started collecting it and trying it out and wearing it (poorly). I have loved the idea of makeup and how it can transform me into many people, but I’ve never really been good at it. I could put mascara on, and lipstick… I knew the concept of putting on foundation but never liked it, and don’t even ask me about concealer or contouring.

But now, NOW I have started to see the light and am transforming into a makeup enthusiast, not a junkie! A friend of mine recently invited me to her Facebook party for Younique Makeup; honestly I wasn’t super excited because I like to go to a counter and talk to a real makeup artist to figure out the best products (or so I thought). Once I started watching the live feeds though from the presenter on Facebook and started asking question and looking into the products, total 180. I picked up a few basics I thought would be a good place to start and am now hooked on Younique Makeup.

Lashes without mascara.

I could go into detail about every single product I’ve tried but the one I want to share is their Epic Mascara. Mascara has been my life force since I learned to put it on myself. Since I wear glasses I have to really play up my eyes so that they shine through behind my frames. It’s not always the easiest thing. I have tried numerous mascaras, eyelash curlers and even a lash lift and tint (that smelled horrible) and some of these things gave me results, normally not exactly what I was going for or not for long enough. Then I tried the Epic Mascara.

Left: Epic Mascara Right: No Mascara

The formula actually curls and lifts my lashes, spreads them out and has this deep black color. I feel so sexy when I use it! You can also build layers upon layers without it getting goopy or flaking  off later on. Honestly this mascara lasts all day, everyday and sometimes into the next (if I conveniently sleep in it). Just look at the difference in my photos!

What is that one product you can’t live without? Do you have a favorite makeup brand?


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