How I’m Getting Active

Something I have been really fixated on lately is how I look and feel physically; it really sucks when you feel gross or hate looking into a mirror. When you look on TV, on social media, in magazines and see these gorgeous models with perfect skin, hair and bodies it’s hard not to let it get to you. I have always been plus size, and someone who actively supports body positivity and that plus size individuals can still be happy and healthy. So when it’s me feeling this way it becomes disheartening. It’s not just about looks for me, I have horrible eating habits and I’m not very active lately. I needed a change!

One way I am changing that is by starting to work out again with the help of a phone app called 7M Women (short for 7 minute) because they offer a 7 minute workout. The app is easy to follow and designed with videos to show how to do the different moves, a counter and audible directions. They also will track your workouts on a calendar and you can even track your weight progress. My favorite option is that I can set a reminder that will go off in the morning telling me it’s time to workout!

My friend told me about this app and is really supporting me on this journey I am taking. He helped me with the ideas to create a physical calendar (that I keep on my fridge) to cross off each day after I work out, I put a reminder in my phone (as a backup) to go off to remind me, and I text my friend after each workout for accountability. So far I am 10 days in and haven’t skipped once!

7M Women offers several other workouts ranging in times and intensities, my second favorite I’ve been doing is the Booty Shaper (I’m going to have the best butt ever!). I’m starting some other things to help kick off my health journey that I might share down the road, it’s just very personal to me currently. And I promise, I won’t bore you with an everyday check in on what I’m doing or how I’m feeling with working out. Not my style.

To anyone else feeling this way: you are not alone! I wish everyone could have their perfect body image and just be happy all the time with looking in the mirror. It’s a difficult journey and I used to think I had a handle on it, but when you realize you aren’t happy the only thing to do is to change, however you see fit.


*Side Note: I know 7 minutes is not a traditional workout, I’m using this more to just get back into the habit of being active, though I am feeling my body get sore and change. The app even tells you that physicians recommend at least 20 minutes a day of activity, but I have to start somewhere.

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