4 Amazing Changes To My Life In 2020

Talk about a twisted time to live in! It’s been about two years since I’ve opened this blog up, not that I haven’t thought about it numerous times. So much has changed with me, as I’m sure it has with all of you as well. I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging, and writing in general, for a long time. It’s a serious passion of mine. To do so, I thought I would participate in a 30-day blog challenge!

Day 1 of the challenge is to share a little bit about myself; since I’ve had the blog (off and on) for a while now, I thought I’d focus on some changes in my life:

  • I have a new cat! I’d love for you all to meet Archibald Bishop or Archie for short! I also call him Arch, little dude, little guy, and Arch Duke. One of our local radio shows in Pittsburgh, The Kiss Morning Freak Show, mentioned that the one host had numerous names for all his pets – and I’m no different I found!
  • I switched jobs about two years ago. It was super exciting finally moving away from retail, as it was getting rough on me as I got older physically and mentally. It was great learning some new skills and using my exceptional communication skills in a new light. In the two years with this company, I was promoted three times which was thrilling. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, I was recently laid off. Sad :(, but I now have the chance to continue following my passions and find something new!
  • I’ve known heartache in the last year. Around this time last year, I met someone very interesting and fun and started a relationship with him. I experienced so many new adventures (like camping and fishing!) and got to go to my first country concert (Florida Georgia Line) during this relationship. It ended right before the holidays, it sucked but I’ve been looking back and realizing how much I learned and grew from it.
  • I have gone blonde! You may or may not have noticed from my Instagram feed, that I have made the transition in hair colors. The last time I blogged I was a fiery redhead but with the switch to corporate life, I had to quickly transition back to my natural brunette awesomeness. In the last 12 months though I have made the slow journey into beach blond, which I’m still on this crazy train but am getting closer each visit.

Four is my lucky number and my train of thought ended with going blonde so there it is, my update on my life! I hope everyone is doing as well as they can during quarantine and know that I am here if you need to talk. I’m a great listener I am told.

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