10 Things I Love and Hate

Day 3 is coming in short and sweet with the blog challange. My prompt this time around, which I have to admit I’m really starting to like these, is to post 10 likes and dislikes.


My Berry Baked Brie from 2017

1. I love to bake! And cook, I guess maybe these two likes can be grouped together. I grew up learning to cook from my mom and then picked up tips from my grandma (like you peel a vegetable away from you) and the rest of my extended family. Food has almost always equaled family to me too; everything we’ve always done has revolved around the kitchen table and some delicious morsel. I remember one Easter break (I was in Catholic elementary so we called it that) I got to spend the week down here in the city with my Aunt and Uncle, and my Aunt taught me how to use her pizzelle iron. My Aunt is known for her incredible pizzelles, to the point that if you buy anything else, its garbage. I’m not always the most creative cook/baker, but I enjoy it none-the-less.

2. I like everything Halloween. It is my most favorite holiday and I kind of wish it was a year-round thing; just like a month of steamy hot summer and then back to beautiful Autumnal Halloween time. I loved being able to dress up in costumes, my favorite and most worn is a witch, and okay what fat kid doesn’t love candy?

My Sag Tattoo and Lucky Number 4

3. I love astronomy, and have for since forever. I’m a Sagittarius in Western astrology and a Dragon in Chinese. Both of these mean a great deal to me, if you believe in it or not. I’ve always found that my personality has followed both of these paths so well, and perhaps I’m going to sound completely white-girl-cliche, but I have both tattooed on my body as well to remind me of who I am inside. You will find my pinterest and facebook feed strewn with those funky little posts describing what a Sag is that I have reposted. What’s your star sign?!

4. My favorite color is green. I don’t wear it a lot, normally that falls to black and red, but green has been my favorite color for awhile. There was a brief stint where purple was my color but I can honestly say I did it to piss my older sister off.

5. I like Rom-Com movies! Ok so maybe I am a basic bitch.


6. I hate talking on the phone. It’s a weird anxiety issue with me; my heart races and I just get so nervous. Oddly enough, I somehow have an amazing phone demeanor and rocked my last job where I was asked to move into the customer service department due to my phone and customer service skills.

7. I hate The Bachelor.

8. I (typically) dislike green vegetables. Now I have come a long way with this dislike, but it is a general dislike for all things green, leafy and healthy. Lettuce never stays fresh in my fridge and broccoli is still on my shit list.

Photo Found Google

9. I dislike dry wine. I used to drink it more so when I was younger (or cook with it! This is what I use it for mostly now!) but my tastebuds have turned so sweet and fruity. I found this crip cranberry wine at a festival recently and I wish I had bought more than one bottle.

10. I dislike white walls. Maybe it is because until I hit middle school I grew up in a completely white walled house. Ugh, it was so boring! And almost all of the apartments I have lived in have white walls (though I guess that makes sense). I just love some texture and color to my living space, so I have researched and learned how to decorate (some) with colors.

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