Silly Sunday Shoppers and How to Connect with Deer

Today’s prompt is to discuss my day in great detail. This could be either really inspiring to you, or really boring considering it’s me and I’m in Quarantine haha.

Sunday: I set my alarm for 7:30 am because I wanted to be able to wake up, get cleaned up, and dressed to go grocery shopping as soon as Aldi’s opened. I have learned that if you get to the store right at the opening that it’s not busy and they have the majority of products in stock; gotta love hoarders. But today I told Echo to shut up because my cats ended up waking me about 8:15 am instead. I was having a dream about dating and my eyebrows needing some desperate attention from my esthetician, no way I wanted to wake up from that. Thankfully Archibald knew I’d be upset if I didn’t get the shopping done because let’s face it, I probably wouldn’t have left at all, and decided to attack my feet under the comforter. They were both also hungry, so that could have been their motivation, but let’s go with the intuitiveness of cats instead.

After I fed the two furballs I walked back into my bathroom and proceeded to brush my teeth and wash my face. Right as Quarantine began, when I still was employed, I bit the bullet and ordered a personalized skincare regimen from Elf! I decided I would take advantage of the sequestration and focus on my skin. I have to say what they picked for me has certainly worked and is super low key. I have a gel cleanser for the morning that I follow up with an aloe spray, then at night before bed, I have a night cream that also has those little metal balls in the applicator to help massage the cream in. It has taken close to 20-ish years to get to the point where people envy me for my skin, (I was a zit infested, oily faced kid – that’s right because wearing glass, being taller than most boys in my grade and ‘fat’ wasn’t enough!)

Anyways, after throwing on my favorite ripped pair of jeans and a top I decided I wanted to try out a new hairstyle I watched in a TikTok video (via Pinterest). Guys, it was so easy and I really love it. I might play with it next time by leaving some hair out in the front, but what do ya’ll think?

A quick drive down the hill and I was suffocating in my bandana-face mask (I should be upgrading to a real mask soon) and were at the store’s doors. My location has an employee outside the doors disinfecting carts for the shoppers, they are so thoughtful and I greatly appreciate this. This morning a little old lady had gotten her cart before me and got one of those carts that won’t drive well and the wheels stick; the employee was very willing to get her a new cart but for some reason (and I couldn’t hear everything the lady said) she felt the need to tell another employee once she entered the store and then peel off down the aisle. I’m really hoping she wasn’t complaining about the girl outside because nothing transpired, but there are so many grouchy people lately that just like to complain.

I did run into someone who actually did have an attitude at the store, shocker. Normally I have zero interaction with other shoppers because… social distancing. I was walking around produce and needed tomatoes and cucumbers and this woman had stopped in front of those vegetables to look at another product. I was calmly waiting, even going through my list while I waited, when she looked back at me, made a face, and then turned back to the shelf. Okay lady, but I still quietyly waited. I mean if she needed something I wasn’t going to interrupt her shopping! But then she turns around again and I explained I was just waiting to check out the produce and she comes back with ‘well you could have said excuse me,’ like the fact you saw me waiting patiently wasn’t any indication and me staying quiet wasn’t me showing respect for social distancing and your shopping needs.

The only nice moment, which it normally always is, was checking out. My Aldi’s employees are always friendly and professional. Today’s cashier was no exception, greeting me and exchanging pleasantries while doing an impressive pack job of my new cart! Normally most cashiers just swipe and toss everything down below (besides eggs), but this woman took her time setting things out in sections in the cart while still being quick about it. All essential employees deserve respect, so thank you to this woman and all the rest of you.

Photo Found Tufts

Now, this next part of my day was actually interesting. When I got back to my street there was a young deer on the opposite sidewalk. As I started to back into my spot he decided to cross right behind me. He was all alone and didn’t seem injured, just a little frightened. I parked and started to get my bags out the back of my SUV when I noticed the deer in the backyard… he stopped and turned and looked right at me! What’s it mean, spiritually speaking, when a deer looks right into your eyes? I stopped and waited while he walked past me and back into the street. I kept an eye on him from the window in my kitchen for a bit untill I saw him run off behind the house. I really hope he’s safe and found his family.

Since then I’ve unpacked groceries, made microwave french toast (I’m lazy), and started binging The Sopranos. Shockingly enough I’ve never watched it yet, but it makes me feel like I’m hanging with family. Again, yes, I’m Italian and my family makes references to this show, and The Godfather (I still need to watch the third one). Sundays were always family days, even while living alone I always walk to my Uncle’s to hang out and for supper. It’s been really hard not having the freedom to see them like that, but I understand. This makes me feel a little closer to them today.

And I’m doing it with a glass of wine! I’m emphasizing this because I took all of last month off from alcohol to see if I could and to help with my health habits. I’m really proud of myself that I didn’t crave it at all, even though Facebook is littered with posts about people drinking, wanting to drink, and stocking up on a shit ton of alcohol for one week. How do you drink that much in one week? I mean, we’re almost all stuck at home but are you drinking from the minute you wake up to the second you go to bed? Sorry, little judgment there, I’ll work on that.

It’s only 1:13 pm, and I’ll finish editing this post and making it look more presentable, while Archibald naps between my legs since we’re on the bed. I’ve got three different candles burning and the ceiling fan on (low so it doesn’t blow out the flames) and my crockpot is bubbling with a new recipe I’m trying out for this week’s meal plan. I’ve got about two other recipes I want to bake up today and a bunch of vegetables to chop up. Hopefully, I’ll get outside for a walk before the storms start. Cheers to Sunday!

How do you spend a Sunday at home?

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