5 Little Acts That Really Vex Me

Have you ever had one of those moments that someone says or does something that just grates your nerves? I can probably have a handful of these moments on a normal day, yet when I was asked what my top 5 pet peeves are I had to google some ideas to write this post. Lame! 

  • My biggest pet peeve is when people talk to me like I’m a toddler, and I do not mean talking down to me. Baby Talk: oopsie, yummy, pee-pee. We’re in our thirties please talk like it. I don’t understand this honestly because I swear it comes more from people who don’t even have children so there really is no logical explanation as to why they talk like this. Perhaps they think it makes them sound more gentle or innocent when to me it makes them sound unintelligible and irksome. Just carry a conversation with me like any other adult who uses real words.
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  • I cannot stand when someone shares an idea, for example, they say ‘you should try macrame!’ and when I ask what macrame is they respond with ‘google it.’ No, you brought it up, you clearly know what it is or you wouldn’t have just suggested it to me, so you tell me what your suggestion actually is. Now I could think of a few grey areas with this pet peeve, for instance, if I keep asking for an explanation after the person tries to explain it, then yes, tell me to ‘google it’ at that point. But if someone suggests a TV show (another example) and I respond with ‘cool, what’s that about’ don’t you dare tell me to google your suggestion. 
  • Perhaps this one is only me, but people who text the way they talk or in ‘l33t’ speak all the time bug me so much. I admit, I shorten some words when I text a friend here and there, but if you are posting a status on Facebook or texting me about a situation that occurred please use as-proper-as-you-can English. Typing ‘gr8! I can’t w8 to c u there!’ takes more time than typing ‘great! I can’t wait to see you there!’ 
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  • Group Texts. They’re okay if you need to send an announcement to your friends that you’re running late/got into an accident/address of the destination, but if you’re including me in a group chat of ‘hey I like the blue sky today’ I’m going to ignore you, try to leave the conversation, and if you keep adding me in I’ll flat out tell you to remove me. Again, I’m not saying in certain situations group chats aren’t useful, but they get seriously abused and it bugs the shit out of me. 
  • I live in a city but grew up in a small town, so perhaps ya’ll were taught how to drive differently, but when you are making a left or right turn there is a turn signal for that! It is the one comment I consistently make while driving because too many people seem to think they are above using their turn signals. What upsets me, even more, is when they totally disregard the first turn signal like their car is broken, but then at the next stop, they flip their signal on like Heaven opened up and blessed them all of a sudden. Jesus didn’t just create the turn signal for that second stop, it worked the whole time, so use it every time dude. 

So there are my top five pet peeves that took me too long to think about honestly. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that, but I guess when you don’t think about ‘oh that’s a pet peeve of mine!’ then you get stuck like me when asked. 

Now I’m wondering if anyone has ever written a post about pet peeves and not ranted about each one. It’s like I got upset just thinking about these pet peeves, sorry! 

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