The Fantastic Four Desires on My Ever-Growing Bucket List

Today I am blogging outside for the first time I think ever! I believe this is going to be a new routine for me since my landlord has given me the go-ahead to create a little outdoor area for myself.

A little bit about my home: I rent the third floor of a house that my landlord lives in. He originally had it converted into three households (his being the first floor with his family) but when the second-floor renters moved out last year (and I declined the invitation to move down) he took over the second floor for his growing family. I have the best landlords ever living here (and I’ve had at least 3 in total). My location is perfect for me considering I’m near the city and my family (about 6 blocks from my Uncle) and everything I need to be near, while still feeling like I have my own space. The one thing I felt I was missing was an outdoor area, so I finally got the guts to ask my landlord a couple of weeks ago and he figured out some space for me! It’s a total work in progress, I’m hoping to go plant shopping with my dad over Memorial Day weekend, and get a nicer chair, but so far I’ve got my camp chair out, 2 plants in pots and just hung up a planter! 

Now for the blog challenge; day 9 is supposed to be “places you’d like to visit” but considering I already answered that in my last post (and at least one other post) since starting back I didn’t want to bore you more than I already do. Day 10 then is my personal bucket list! 

I like that bucket lists can be either different places to go but also experiences and things. I also love writing lists, if you couldn’t tell, I think I’m rather good at them! 

My Bucket List: 

Travel, In General: If you are tuning in for the first time ever then you should know that traveling is very close to my heart. I just want to travel way more in 2020 and for the rest of my life. I have to say it’s something I struggle with because I don’t always have people to go with. I am the type of person though to not let that hold me back, and most of my trips as an adult have been solo ones! I wish to have a travel partner though just because it is more fun to experience these things with someone else. When I worked retail that was very hard because all my friends at that time also worked retail or at restaurants; it’s incredibly difficult to ask for time off and especially if you both work at the same company for them to let both of you off for a week or more. My aunt told me once that I was very much like my mother though in my desire to see the world and not taking no for an answer. Just because no one will/can travel with me will not hold me back from discovering new cities. 

My Berry Baked Brie from Thanksgiving 2017

Cooking Classes: I love to be in the kitchen whipping up delicious morsels that make people want to gather. It’s apart of my family essence I feel (and I could blame it on us being Italian) that we always gather in the kitchen and around food. I have an affinity for cooking and baking but I would love to learn professional techniques in person. I have contemplated several classes that are offered in the area and I think once I can I am going to sign up no matter what. Knife skills are the most important to me but I just want to soak up the knowledge on how to put together different meals and different cultural ways of cooking. I’d love to be like the contestants on a show that are challenged with making a souffle and they already know how to do it, no recipe needed. 

I Want To Learn To Rock Climb: This is more of a recent desire but I think it comes with my need to be more active and outside. I know several people now that rock climb and it sounds like such an experience. I’ve attempted a couple of times throughout my life but to no avail. I can be scared of heights and also don’t have the type of upper body strength to pull myself up. Pull-ups were my worst enemy in elementary school but yet I can bench press like 185lbs. There is a place called Ascend Pittsburgh that I want to check out once quarantine is lifted and they’re allowed to reopen. I follow them on Facebook and they have a quality facility and offer instruction too. I already know at least 2 friends who will go with me! 

Picture Found Pinterest

Someday I want to Own a Grand House: I keep changing my mind about this, so the general desire is there but the actual style of domicile may change, but I want to own my living quarters at some point. Perhaps a big house for all the animals to have their own room, or a large apartment overlooking some fantastic scenery. It has to have a lot of outdoor space because that is really important to me. I want someplace I can go outside with my morning coffee, where I can take my laptop to blog and a place to hang out with friends and family in the evening. I’m pretty sure Pittsburgh is where I want it to be, or somewhere very close to Pittsburgh. I’ve attempted to move across the country at least twice already and something always prevented me, and then I look at my city and wonder how I could ever leave it. So I believe at some point this is where I’ll put down permanent roots (just not yet!) 

I may add to this later because for the life of me I couldn’t come up with a fifth desire. My lucky number is four though so… 

Anyways, I hope we all take this quarantined time to really figure out our own desires and needs and create a plan to follow them through. What is one item on your bucket list

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