My Game Plan For Winning One Million Dollars

What would I do if I had one million dollars? That is the topic for today’s post and I find this a little passe honestly. This seems to be one of the oldest questions in the book but it is a prompt that makes you think, if you’re being honest I guess. Just don’t ask me what I would do if I won the lottery next, haha.

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So if I had one million dollars I’d buy that dream house we started to discuss during my bucket list post. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this since I wrote that and I think I am ready to start searching for a house for myself. Over Memorial Weekend I got to go home and see my father but also a good friend who got me thinking. After continuing the discussion with my dad later on I’ve been examining this whole process now. So, I would use a good chunk of the million dollars for this.

I would take a much-needed vacation to somewhere tropical, I believe it would be Mykonos right now. It is halfway around the world, star blue water, and delicious foods. The slow pace that most Greek towns portray is also appealing to me right now. Yes, I would go there with part of my money too.

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To go along with the house I would rescue the pit bull I have been dreaming about since I was little. If I needed to set up training and a dog walker and such (depending on my lifestyle at that point) I would put the money towards that for him too. There would also be a hefty donation to at least one pit bull rescue in Pittsburgh (check out Biggie’s Bullies, please!) and I’d also save up money for vet bills for the new dog but also the cats. You have to take care of your furry family members.

I would want to figure out how to pay my Dad back for everything he’s done for me. I’m sure money would help in this situation (not the physical gifting of money, he would never take it) but giving him the experience of traveling somewhere he’s always wanted, or the opportunity to finish the deck the way he keeps trying, just something to show how much I appreciate him and love him.

Maybe I would put money aside to splurge on going to concerts. I have been wanting to go more often, and yey me that COVID-19 has pretty much wiped them out this summer (understandably so, but I can still be bitter). Instead of just going local though I could travel to see some of my favorites with my friends and make an experience out of it. Girls, pack your bags!

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This money could help me out with the dream of being a travel blogger, which then could work with that vacation to Mykonos. Work trip, write it off! Concerts? Write them suckers off too! I could create the layout of my dreams and give you the content you’d want while not feeling like I have to scrimp and worry about where I’ll make my next dime till the blog takes off and starts paving the way. With this in mind, I’d take some courses or mentorships to learn how to run a personal business like this and how to sell myself and figure out all those small details that make a business tick. ( I don’t care how many posts I read about how easy it is to start making money with a blog, I don’t believe it unless you’ve got talent and wits. I’ve got the talent but my wits could use some marketing skills.)

I’m sure there would be a makeover spree with some of the million and also I’d pay off my gym membership for at least another year and see if I could take it to a personal training experience too. I’m getting so close to my monthly goal and it just makes me want to try harder!

So what would you be doing with your one million dollars? Share in the comments to give me more ideas and goals!

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