How To Make Me Fall In And Out Of Love With You

Welcome back everyone, today is going to be fun. The topic given was to discuss my turn-ons and turn-offs; I can only take this to mean in a relationship sense (because I already listed my pet peeves). So strap in because this will not be G rated. 

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I love big, strong arm muscles in a man. They are the sexiest physical part in my opinion and are almost always the first thing I will notice in the opposite sex. If you look like you can just pick me up and throw me around, you’re in. Now I have a very public crush on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (and yes, I say his full name) and if you picture him, yes he fits the bill – though I think on any other man his arm muscles may be a bit much for me. But if you think about Gerard Butler, mmm. For me, if you have those muscles there it shows me you take care of your physic and that is so sexy to me. And also the ‘picking me up’ part! 

If you can’t kiss, specifically if I feel like you’re trying to suck my chin into your mouth, that is a no! I’ve been lucky and only had a few bad kissers in my life, one being my ex, but I’ve seen this in shows and heard about it and… it grosses me out. I honestly didn’t have a good kiss from my ex till the third date and that was after I finally had the guts to tell him how he was kissing me was not making me want to do anything with him. He, thankfully, took it in stride and changed it up, and then it was smooth sailing for a while. Everyone has their technique, but I’ve yet to meet a woman who enjoys having their face hoovered while making out. 

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I love a man’s smile. If you have that genuine, happy, beautiful smile that reaches your eyes. I’m a sucker. 

Bad or lack of communication is a major turn off. I’ll admit, especially when I first start talking with someone, I enjoy texting daily and sometimes hourly. I love to get to know the other person and find out what they’re doing, what they like and you know I’ll be asking tons of random questions. But if you can’t respond or carry a conversation, and if the texting and conversation slow down I’m going to assume you are no longer interested and/or something is wrong. It was the first clue my past relationship was faltering. We went from texting day and night to barely having enough texts to know what our weekend plans were. 

Intelligence and humor are major turns on! If you can make me laugh and teach me something then I’ll be hanging on every word, and potentially on you. I believe both of these go hand in hand because you can’t have one without the other. If a man just cracks jokes to be funny with no intelligence behind it then is it really funny? And the random dumb-funny joke is okay but I’m not into crass humor (I don’t watch the Simpsons or South Park). In this same topic, if you can talk to me openly about your field of work or a hobby or why plants are green and make it interesting then why wouldn’t I want to keep up that conversation for hours? 

Bad table manors and eating habits are a turn-off. I put this towards the end more so because the ‘eating habits’; I was never the healthiest person and I love binging at times, but I’m also working on changing my habits and am very susceptible to bad habits like that. Now the bad table manors on its own make this a turn off. I would gag looking at someone who has sauce dripping all over their mouth and shirt; someone who uses their shirt sleeve to wipe their nose at the table and the like… yuck! I’m not sure anyone finds that appealing, I could be wrong, so that’s why it is a turn off for me

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Long hair has been a recent turn on but it has to look rugged yet fall into the ‘I take care of my hair’ file too. Insert Brock O’Hurn and Jason Momoa. Before my thoughts were if your hair was longer than mine (and mine is pretty long) then it was too long, but in the last handful of years, I’ve changed my mind. The big stressor though with this turn on is how it looks. If you can’t take care of long hair (shampoo, condition, brush) then it becomes a turn-off. My ex had shoulder-length hair that always looked greasy and felt like sticks (not to mention he was two years younger and was going full grey), and while I liked how it could make him look I couldn’t stand to touch it and was happy he lived in a hat. The day I got the picture of him with a buzz cut and the beard was clean and trimmed short for once, oh it was on! Some people just can’t handle that kind of responsibility, hell my hair isn’t always well kept, but it’s my baby and I wash and treat it well. No one wants to run their fingers through a rats’ nest while making out with their honey. 

Now, if there was a way to make this a private post I would ratch it up to R level, but no one wants to hear those I’m sure haha. If you do, well you have a good imagination, use it. 

P.S. Finding photos for this post was the best!

What is your number one turn on and turn off? Share below! 

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