10 Secrets About My Stupendous & Silly Self

I have to admit, I failed the 30-day blog challenge because it started to feel repetitive and boring -but I am going to use some templates still to keep sharing about myself. I found one that said to share ten facts about myself that perhaps no one would know yet. So strap in and grab your coffee (or wine depending on what time of day you’re reading this.) 

oneMy favorite color is green. It represents nature and being wild and money and growth. Somehow it has always stood out to me and all four of those things are of interest to me. I love being out in nature and have a wild side. Everything needs to learn to grow and I’m no different; I’ve come a long way but it doesn’t just stop. You always continue to grow. 

Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Pexels.com

twoI have freckles all over my shoulders. When I was growing up I also used to break out really bad over my shoulders and had to use a prescription to calm it down. What sucked was that the prescription had to be kept in the fridge yet my bathroom was on the second floor, meaning that I didn’t use it regularly haha. Who else had some weird puberty break out? 

threeWhen I was younger my hair used to be so long it touched my ass. In the fourth grade, I decided to make the worst hair decision of my life and chop it all the way to my ears (before pixie cuts were a thing). While I initially loved the cut no one else did, and boys are cruel. Anyone else get asked if they got run over by a lawnmower? 

fourI have always had bad taste in men. This might not be too big of a shocker since most women probably admit to this at least once in their lives. My first ‘relationship’ the guy was cheating on his long-term girlfriend back home with me and I didn’t find out until about 3 months in and yet I still thought I was in love and went along with it. The next I thought was perfect yet we only ever really saw each other maybe twice in person because he always was ‘working’ or some other excuse, that other excuse being at least two or three baby mamas and god knows what else. My ex was probably the most normal and we split due to differences but his break up excuse was “I just want to be a lone wolf.” I think the first step is to admit it and then try not to follow your same patters; I’m working on it. 

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

fiveMy ‘quarantine fail’ was that I had a master plan the second I found out I was laid off to take a couple of college courses (for free) to learn something new to grow my skills, but after about two weeks I got bored and burned out. I was going off of Coursera which I would recommend but the quality of the videos vary and it was hard to follow along. I also think I picked the wrong version of design to try and learn since Python consists of a lot of math and that is not my forte. 

sixMy lamest Halloween costume while growing up was probably a dead baseball player. I wore one of my little league shirts, black pants, and then put glitter everywhere. Apparently being dead equaled sparkling like a disco ball. 

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on Pexels.com

sevenOne of my biggest regrets was not learning how to professionally cook when I was in high school. We had the opportunity to go to a vocational school starting our sophomore year so freshman year we went on a tour. I have always loved to cook and bake, and have an affinity for it, so when I saw they had a culinary arts major I jumped for it but my mother denied my desire. I don’t blame her because to her a four-year degree was much more important but I wish I would have pushed harder. I still want to learn the professional skills a culinary arts degree gives you, especially knife skills and it could have given me a leg up in the job market. Some day hopefully soon I’ll take a class or two. 

eightI’m a book snob. Outside of the classroom, the only type of books that keep my interest are fantasy fiction and romantic fiction (and I’m talking the raunchy kind). I’ve tried the memoirs and self-help but they rarely keep my interest. I’m still trying to finish Lauren Graham’s book and Mindy Kaling’s. I have always used fiction as a means of escape and I’m trying to break that so I can continue to broaden my knowledge. I admire people who can read tons of different genres. 

nine. I have always been obsessed with other cultures. When I was little I loved to learn about Native Americans and then it moved into Greek Mythology, Arthurian Legend, I dabble a bit in Egyptian mythology and have moved towards Norse mythology and culture. I love Latin culture, especially food and music, and love to learn more about my own Irish and Italian ancestry. “Culture” might be a loose term to fit all of that into but my interests have always been elsewhere it seems. 

tenI really wish I was more ‘left-brained.’ Growing up I excelled at Math and Science but once I hit high school it went away. I barely passed Trigonometry, though that could have been due to my teacher since the whole class almost failed. I believe if I was more mathematically inclined I could have gone for a business degree of some sort and set myself up for an easier way of life. English, especially Journalism, degrees come with having to have a lot of backbone and drive. It’s so hard to find a lasting career with my degree and I knew that going into my senior year of college, I knew print journalism was a dying art form. But back then blogging was new and shiny and I loved it – but no company did because they weren’t looking to hire out for just a social media manager/blogger, it was always given to someone else already in the company as a side gig. Because of that, I had to stick through retail for so long that I lost most of my skills with social media (or didn’t keep up with training) where I could use this more so now because finally, companies are realizing its importance. It’s made my career path a struggle, and part of that is my fault; who knows if I would have gone for that practical degree if I would be better off right now. 

One thought on “10 Secrets About My Stupendous & Silly Self

  1. I too have my go-to book genres (sci-fi, fantasy, space operas, cyberpunk, dystopian), but as a writer, I try to fit in some thriller, contemporary, YA, humour, and non-fiction as well. But when it comes to enjoyment, I only really stick to my favourite genres. Thanks for sharing!


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