How I Spent an Awesome Day Home and Made It a Family Affair

This past weekend I got to visit with my Dad up at his house, and also brought my cousins along for some fun in the sun. I am very lucky because where I grew up it’s a summer town meaning we live right by a lake in a very small town that no one knows of if you mention its name. There are numerous summer houses, and I am talking about the multi-million dollar style near me, and also cottages and motels surrounding the opposite side of the lake closest to the ‘amusement park’ that is somehow still standing. Growing up there I was jaded to it because I was not an outdoorsy girl and I don’t think you ever realize how amazing your hometown is until you leave it.

Anyways, Independence Friday (is that weird to categorize a day BEFORE the holiday the same as the holiday?) we zoomed out of the city about 2 hours away for some fishing and lounging in the sun. I got to be the ‘cool cousin’ by driving my younger cousin and her friend in my SUV, I honestly love being that person the cool cousin or hopefully one day, the cool aunt (my nieces and nephew live across the country and are very young still). This is going to spin off into a different topic so I’ll keep it brief, pretty sure I don’t want biological children for numerous personal reasons but the ‘cool aunt’ title suites me just fine! Or cool cousin as I’m known around my city now.

Being out in the sun most of the day was exactly what I needed to keep pulling myself out of the depressive state I’ve been living in for the last month or so. But today I had the bikini on, the towels sprawled out, Florida Georgia Line bumping on the radio and cool refreshing Monster Aid (Monster Energy has their own sports drink now!) Even though I consistently sprayed SPF 50 all over my exposed skin I still got burned. Big shocker to the Irish gal, but several days past now I’m sitting pretty with my awesome starter tan.

What was special for me was just being able to hang out with my dad. He’s a very old-school fellow and getting older he has kept to his own routine and schedule, so even though I’m up visiting we don’t do a whole lot together but that works for us. This time he fired up the grill and barbequed some burgers and brats for us! I can’t tell you the last time I saw him grill and for a group, it brought back memories of him and my mom. It was also unique because we were cooking together since he put me on fry duty, and I don’t think we’ve ever cooked a meal together.

To finish the trip off we hit up the local froyo joint, one of those classic old-school window deals that my hometown is KNOWN for and I have now created addicts out of my cousins. Once we had our frozen treats we zoomed off back to Pittsburgh for one of the smoothest trips on 79 South I have ever experienced.

When we got back into town there was some minor drama in part of our neighborhood due to a transformer blowing which caused a loss of electricity. Luckily neither of our houses was affected since it was in the 90s (and still is, thankfully we’ve hit the portion of the week where storms are rolling through but the temperatures still won’t drop).

I’d like to also take this time to point out that I am PLUS SIZE and proud to wear a bikini. I have my self-esteem and body hang-ups, I am trying to lose weight but I will proudly show off my body because I still love it. Body positivity is so important and everyone deserves to love the skin they’re in. Do not comment negatively on this because I will block your comments. Me wearing a bikini does not affect anyone, neither does any other plus-size person wearing whatever they choose too. We need to stop judging each other on the skin we live in. Okay, off my soapbox.

How did you spend your Independence weekend?

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