Call Me Capretti is a lifestyle blog dedicated to providing a few laughs, some advice on sharing your space with two cats, and even how to go green (even just a little bit).

Catsby and I, pre-Archibald days (2017)

I’m a fixer by nature, I love to help and share my knowledge when I can. I have written a lot about  fashion and being plus size in the past, and would love to open up more about my life and what I’m all about. This blog will be traditionally non-traditional, a mixture of everything and anything that happens in ones life and a place to share ideas.

My name is Elizabeth and growing up I got teased a lot about my middle name, Capretti. My classmates would call me ‘confetti’ mostly because they couldn’t pronounce it correctly, and because it wasn’t a traditional middle name like everyone else’s. If you’re wondering, Capretti is a family name, and to be honest it took quite a few years to really love it. Now I think it makes me unique and stand out from everyone else, hence the blog title.

The white furry dude in the photo is Catsby, an American Shorthaired-terror on four paws. He spends most of his days sleeping and when I’m sleeping, running around the apartment like his tail is on fire. He’s my best friend and a character all of his own, I always tell people I think he’s an Italian mob boss from the attitude he gives me. The black little dude, Archibald Bishop, is a recent edition to my family! He’s a rescue who’s had to deal with a lot of health issue from the start, but he is now happy and healthy!

I hope to share with you dishes I’ve created, places I want to travel to and even podcasts I listen to. Hopefully you’ll share with me some tips you’ve discovered while cooking, maybe some family traditions and what you’re binging off Netflix. Give me the good, the bad, and the furry as you follow along on my journey, and always… call me Capretti!