Podcasts I’m Loving

I’ve recently started getting into listening to podcasts thanks to a coworker of mine. It’s not an all-the-time habit, I go in and out with listening but there are two that really have stood out. They’re all suggestions from said coworker and I’m pretty excited she knew me so well to recommend them for me.

First, I use an app called Podbean which is pretty easy to navigate. I feel the first reason why I wasn’t listening to them originally was because I had no idea how. I’ve searched iTunes so many times and iMusic in search of podcasts but couldn’t seem to navigate to them. When I mentioned this to my coworker she told me about Podbean and how easy it was to find whatever podcast I was interested in. I highly recommend this app if you want an easier way to hook up with your listenings. Where do you listen to your podcasts?

Now onto my favorite podcasts…

  1. Lore

The first sentence in the description of this podcast is “Our fears have roots.” This podcast isn’t playing around when it explores the dark underbelly of history, the topics of myths and side conversations that you never believed held any truth. It has discussed topics such as vampirism in America and doppelgängers where evil fairies trade places with your loved one.

These episodes are between 20-25 minutes which I feel are the perfect length, I normally pulled them up on my way to work in the car. I don’t highly recommend listening to them while operating a vehicle if your mind is like mine and likes to wonder, but if you are good at multitasking then it’s a great way to catch up!

Fun fact: Lore, hosted by Aaron Mahnke, has brokered a deal with Amazon Prime to start a TV show of the same persuasion! I’ve started watching them and it adds a whole new level of creepy history to your life.

2. Singing Bones

I binged all 18 episodes in like three days after reading its description. This podcast takes a look at the origin stories of our favorite fairytales. We don’t know each other well enough yet, but my head tends to be in the clouds as they say, and fantasy fiction and fairytales have always held an interest to me. The host Clare Testoni, has such a beautiful way of playing detective with the origins of stories and honestly has one of those voices that are perfect for a fairytale setting. She has discussed stories such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Rumpelstiltskin. She has made connections from Beauty & The Beast to Cupid & Psyche, a story I had never heard of and fell madly in love for.

Her episodes run about 20 minutes on average and she even brings guests onto the show who know just a bit more on the stories. These episodes are exciting and make me want to dive into the deep dark internet to do my own research on fairytales.

Extra! Extra! The Bad Girl Bible: Sex, Relationships, Dating, Love & Marriage Advice 

I found this podcast late one night while in bed (lots of random thoughts are thought of here) and became intrigued. I’d admit it, the name and logo hooked me originally and I started to listen to a few episodes because of this. On the downside the podcast isn’t really always about what it sounds like they’d be about, they’re mostly about marriage advice and how to keep things spicy in longterm relationships. But still, some of these topics are pretty interesting and worth a listen if I’ve piqued your interest here!

What kinds of podcasts do you listen to, or would like to listen to? I’m always interested in new suggestions, I feel like I need to broaden my interests on here. Something funny might be good! Any suggestions?

Getting Started Here…

Ever have one of those days where you’re off, you’re excited because you’ve worked your ass off and you have been WAITING for your day off to get stuff done. You wake up at an early hour and you scrounge up food for breakfast as you’re going over all the things you want to do this day: grocery shopping, laundry, hang with some family, get coffee maybe… and then BAM! Three hours later you are knee deep in your computer and papers and books with your SlingTV playing reruns of Holiday Baking Championship on because you decided to take the leap and create a new blog.

That’s how my day is going thus far:

It’s been almost three years since I’ve opened WordPress, since I seriously thought about blogging again and it’s scary and exhilarating all in one. I have  a degree in print journalism and had the hopes of becoming one of those internet sensations with my plus-size fashion blog I had in college. Back then it was “blog this, blog that, connection, connection, blog, blog, blog” until it wasn’t. My brain just sort of shut off with the creative flow and desire to write like this. I’ve thought about it every now and then, wanting to just have a place to write, to share my ideas and projects I’m working on but so much about blogging has become so business-like that I kept thinking “too broad, no niche, no one would care!” And right now, I know I’m typing this to a blank audience, there’s probably not that many people interested in this little blog right here, but that’s not going to intimidate me anymore. This blog is as much for my audience (which I hope to gain soon) as it is for me.

I think it was Mean Girls that coined the term ‘word vomit,’ but it’s exactly what I think when I want to have a space I can just spill my guts on to whoever is interested in listening. A place where I can hopefully learn a bit from my readers and what they’ve gone through and just have some fun writing again. So, I’m throwing out my internal rule book and just having some fun with this blog and I hope you’ll be entertained by it. I came to the realization recently that I’m one of those people who doesn’t really understand that what I say or how I say it actually comes off as funny, so maybe I’ll be your little comic relief from a crazy day. You’ll have to let me know.

So that is where I’m at, spilling my guts out on the floor of my amazing (but in need of sweeping) living room floor while binge watching Holiday Baking Championship while also preparing a mental shopping list. It’s not pretty, I’m still in my nightshirt and my foot is going numb, but this is me. And I hope you’re ready to …call me Capretti!